Track Day

This post is mostly a ton of pictures from when a group of us got together to ride around the supermoto track. Who knew riding in circles could be so enjoyable?! I was the slowest one there, but I did manage to scrape my kickstand on a turn, so I still felt pretty badass.

There’s a dirt area on this track too and after some laps on the track we decided to head over there and play around. The track itself is a bit tight for a larger bike and the dirt area was downright silly, especially with my lowering links in. I managed to lumber through the whole mess of whoops, table tops and berms without dumping it, but it was sketchy. I bottomed out on everything, crawling up the table top and plopping off the back while the smaller bikes popped up and over gracefully. Someone said it looked like a wildebeest among gazelles.

This experience and other bottoming out episodes convinced me I needed more ground clearance and I soon stumbled upon a dished Corbin seat and put the stock links back in.

They have tiny little bikes you can rent!

Me riding in circles

Alan shows us how the supermotos do it.

Sean riding (yay we finally got to ride together again!)

Look at that hair fly!

Sean again

James on his sleek DRZ (he dominated the dirt area)

This track has some great S curves and nearly 180 degree turns.

Mike and Will

Only Alan can start this bike.

Seriously?! How do I turn it -on-?!


Alan on my bike and Sean.

May not be the prettiest bike, but Alan kicked some ass on it!


Serious pose.

ADV salute

Mike approves!