Monkeybutt is a Real Problem

Here’s a map of the route we took:

Monkey Butt is a Real Problem!

We camped out in Alpine and woke up early the next morning. The first couple nights camping are always a little rough until your body gets used to it. We packed up camp and reloaded the bikes quickly for an early start to visit Sean’s parents in Phoenix.

Riding through the desert. There actually were many pretty places to take pictures of, but no where to safely stop.

It should be noted that DRZs aren’t the best bikes for long distance runs. usually when I ride I’m out on the dirt standing most of the time. Thankfully I have a dished Corbin seat on my bike, which is way better than the stock 2×4 torture device that comes on it…however, after two 300+ mile days in a row I was begging for mercy. I won’t go into gory detail (and no, I don’t have pictures), but Sean’s mother gave me a pair of bicycle shorts with cushions in the rear to help ease my suffering. I am definitely ordering a sheepskin butt pad for my next trip!

We had a nice time visiting with his family and sleeping on real beds before heading North to visit friends in Flagstaff. We took a great route through Prescott, Jerome and Sedona.

This is why Arizona has a whole magazine devoted to its highways!


Sean taking a break.

On the way to Jerome.

Jerome is a great hippie/artist town popular with bikes!

most of which were far shinier than ours…

This seat made me laugh.

Jerome brothel

I love the desert.

Sedona is extremely, painfully, touristy…but it has awesome rocks!

I pulled over to take the above pictures and Sean saw and stopped a little further off the turn off. When we got back on the bikes, he tried to go again, not realizing the bike was still in second gear. This of course made is stall and an unfortunate habit of KLRs is that they lunge forward hard when they stall…well, being on an off camber bit of slab, he couldn’t regain his footing and the bike plopped over, head downhill, into the road. We were struggling to right it, but it was damned heavy all loaded up like that. Finally some Harley riders stopped and helped us pick it up. They were super nice and one lady exclaimed, “I’ve been there!”. I know riders like to hassle each other over bike choices, but I have to say, I was helped out by every kind of biker on this trip and wholeheartedly accept anyone who rides as part of the family.

I sang this song to myself while riding through town.

We arrived in Flagstaff and had a pleasant evening with our friends Jack and Adele, who decided to join us the next day to check out the Grand Canyon!

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