Grand Canyon

I’m not sure what I can say about the Grand Canyon that hasn’t already been said. It’s so massive it doesn’t even seem real. You take hundreds of photos in an attempt to capture it and you can never come close. All I can do is suggest you go there and see it for yourself…and post a few of the better pictures to give you some idea how vast and beautiful this place is.

Don’t look down!


Somebody made the mistake of feeding him M&Ms and he was positively crazed for more.

He seems to think my camera is edible.

Next time I come I am riding/hiking/canoeing down into the canyon for sure.

The very cool looking atmospheric effect is unfortunately pollution. 🙁

We camped in the park and this deer was just outside our tent in the morning. :3

Then we headed off towards Zion National Park…

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon

  1. The switchbacks on that trail look intimidating. I’d be afraid that, once I hiked in, I couldn’t hike back out. Unless there were a mule to carry me. Hmmm.

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