Parker Canyon Lake

No dirt riding here, but my first overnight bike camping trip!

I overpacked like such a girl.

A group of us have formed a loose plan to meet at Parker Canyon Lake for beer and camping. It’s a couple hours away from Tucson on Hwy 83 and my friend Jen accompanies me in her car.

We head out and the temperature is dropping. It starts to sprinkle on us as we pull into the gas station in Sonoita. Alan and Will are already hanging out, having ridden an alternate dirt route. They have no waterproofs and are trying to thaw and wait out the rain.

At least my overprepared packing had one advantage, I have waterproofs at the ready!

“I ride motorcycles to look cool!”

We continue up the mountain in spite of the cold and sprinkles. We are rewarded with a perfect rainbow.

What a badass biker gang we are with a Miata in tow.

The lake is looking beautiful as the sun goes down.

Aaron had arrived earlier and starting a nice fire. He brought enough firewood and beer for an army.

More pretty lake pictures

Settin’ up camp.

This picture cracks me up.

Mike and Jen.
The sun goes down…

We drank Aaron’s signature “Apple Pie” beverage and partook in general merrimaking until it started to get too cold.  I probably should have tried staying up and drinking in front of the fire all night because I was freezing my butt off trying to sleep.  It got down to 27 degrees that night and a couple of us only had 40 degree sleeping bags. My parents live nearby and brought us breakfast burritos and coffee in the morning which was nice.

I headed back with Alan. His rear tire was completely bald and showing metal. He decides at the last minute to veer off onto old Sonoita highway, hit some gravel bits and high sided. Luckily, he wears as much gear as I do and he’s fine.

Twisty highway home.

All in all a successful trip!

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