Chickfest! (Pt 2)

I woke up to the smell of two stroke smoke and roar of dual sport engines as riders gathered the next day.

Skip made us a delicious breakfast.

We were very lucky our friends trailered in and brought lots of food. Sean and I were a little tired of protein bars at this point. Everyone who trailered in really helped out those who rode in and there was plenty of food and drink to go around! šŸ™‚

We even had a shower!

The advanced riders went out early and rode some killer single track (I hope I’ll be able to try this stuff after another year of riding!)

These chicks will have you eating their dust!

Megan can take this bike anywhere!


Sean and I went for a nice morning ride, but I didn’t take even a single picture. It was a really great track though. Lots of whoops and curves, a good bit of sand and only a little bit of mud and ruts…yet I managed to slide out in one and launch into the forest…I was fine and drug the bike back out to the road before Sean even realized I was no longer behind him.

Megan and Karen organized the event and taught the beginner clinic. They did an awesome job putting it together and everyone I spoke to learned a lot and had a great time!

Converging for the clinic

I look way too serious in this picture.

Megan demonstrated proper body positioning while standing on the pegs.

Once everyone had that down, we went out to a long easy stretch of dirt road to practive acceleration and braking.

We practiced braking with just the front and just the back. We braked until the tire locked up and skidded, so we would know what that felt like and then practiced using both breaks together.

The road ended at a large dirt pit where we practiced full lock turns and figure eights.

There were chicks on little two strokes and giant dual sports alike.

Then we went up the steep hill!

And then we were finally ready to ride!

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