Tent Surf 2010

At last it was time for TentSurf!

I headed out to the beach…but nobody else was there yet so I staked out a piece of beachfront property and waited.

It was -extremely- windy, but fortunately some locals took pity on my struggles and helped me get my tent up.

I waited…and waited…and waited.

At least the view was great!

Finally I spotted a familiar form coming across the sand…

It was my friend Perry on his 1150GS!

He had a little more trouble parking on the beach…

We decided to pass the time with some fine Mexican beer.

By the time people started showing up, I had drank my half of the six pack. I’m a lightweight, that is a lot. My memory of all events after this point are a little foggy…here’s a bunch of pictures in no particular order!


Carnage from the winds.



All-you-can-eat buffet we gorged ourselves on every morning

We kept having to move our tents back from the encroaching tide.


Great conversations

New friends

Mijail made it too!

Pic for the ladies

One for the dudes

I don’t even know who this for…

Bon fire jumping

Group shot


I broke my toenail off on a rock trying to push a car out of the sand 🙁

Perry and Zeb wave their flags

In summary, it was a crazy whirlwind of awesome fun! Sadly Roger and Christine rolled up in the Boogie just as Alan and I were headed home, but at least we got to see them one more time.

I rode a ways behind Alan all the way home, watching his tire and chain closely, but it held out and we returned safely. I had three days rest before heading out with Sean to Colorado for a dirt biker chick meetup called Chickfest!

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