I had heard from several people that the Banff/Jasper Highway and National Park was spectacular, so I headed West from Edmonton to check it out.

It was very, very wet.

I found a KOA and set up my tent. It was a bit early, but I was hoping the weather would be better the next day. I fell asleep off and on, waking up always to hear more rain. Eventually I checked the clock and it was check out time, I must have slept 14 hours or so…and it was still raining. Tearing down a tent and packing in the rain is no fun, but I didn’t see any other options really. I donned my giant yellow waterproofs and hit the highway.

The park was phenomenally beautiful. I didn’t even care that I was being sprinkled on the whole time.

I literally stopped in my tracks and sat on the side of the road in awe after spotting my first glacier.

They proved nearly impossible to photograph however, in person they have the most incredible depth.

You could even hike right up to one of them, but hiking on them was prohibited without a guide.

I spotted some caribou, but they were too quick for the camera. This guy struck a nice pose though.

This moose wouldn’t come out of hiding for a better picture

Just some other random park shots…

Glacial water is such a vibrant teal color, it looks like photoshop. 😛

When I left the park I found the most idyllic campsite.

This is what I call a room with view. 🙂

Flowers on the pond.

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  1. Your photos are amazing, Becky! It’s as if you’ve had formal artistic training, perhaps at the university level. 8-p

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