Next time I go on a trip I’m going to make myself take a journal. I’m already getting a little hazy about details and the order of events. Add to this the fact my pictures uploaded out of order and there’s a good chance things are a little out of whack in this report. Live and learn!

The landscape is so bizarre and varied in the southwest.

This bridge looks photoshopped

There are the most incredible rock formations as you enter Zion National Park.

The park roads were under construction and much of the road surface was grooved and rutted with pot holes and loose gravel. This would be a continuing theme throughout the trip, so much so that I was glad I had such knobby tires, even though they were impractical with all the pavement I ended up riding. We spoke briefly to some European couples on rented Harleys while waiting to enter the tunnel and I worried for them when we hit all the construction on the other side. Our dual sport bikes wove easily down the switchbacks while they struggled with the heavy bikes on the uneven surface.

Taking a break at the visitor’s center

Yeah, this picture is dark and sideways, I still like it!

It’s best to spend several days in the park and do some serious hiking. We just rode through and did the shorter hikes (motorcycle gear isn’t conducive to long walks). I went to the park once before and did the Angel’s Landing hike, which was absolutely incredible!

You can’t ride or drive a lot of places in the park, so we geared down and took the park shuttle.

Clearly our operator was awesome! 😛

Flora and fauna

One of the hikes required some wading. The water was coooooold!

I think this is Angel’s Landing (you hike to the top), but I may be mistaken.

We left the park at sunset and went to our host’s place, which had an exquisite view and hummingbirds. 🙂

Next up, Monument Valley!

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