3 thoughts on “Mike’s Sky Ranch

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time. I’m still jealous! Next time you’re going to do some miles on un-paved roads I’d suggest you drop your air pressures to about 12PSI. It’ll make a huge difference. Also, stand on the pegs and don’t be afraid to get on the gas if things start to get loose.
    Sara and I will be following your progress,

  2. Thanks Tony! We did air down, only to about 17 though, we were afraid to go too low with all the luggage weight, didn’t want pinch flats! We did stand for all the sand and got on the gas, I think for mine I had some rider induced oscillations and both of our suspension may have been set too soft for that kind of riding.

    Christina, I started out with a GoPro Hero 3, but now I’m using a VIO 1. I like that it has a loop feature where it records constantly but only saves the last few minutes when you push a button, edits as you go and it’s wired in to be powered off the bike!

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