Night Ridin’

Beast’s previous owner took me up Redington Road on the back of the bike before he signed the title over to me. The desert is spectacular at night. He has a spotlight mounted on the handlebars and used it to point out wildlife. We spotted tarantulas and a family of ring tailed cats. There’s a great lookout point away from the pollution where the sky becomes a blanket of stars. We layed out there on the rocks talking about life and motorcycles. It was a really lovely send off.


I’ve owned the KLR for a while now and I’m a little bummed out that even though Sean and I now both have badass dual sport bikes, due to his crappy work schedule, we haven’t ridden dirt together once! I resolve to fix this and when he gets home from work, I tell him to keep his gear on and come riding with me! We go up Redington and lay out on the rocks.

I have a special attachment to this place now and just thinking about it makes me want to head back up soon…

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