We stopped in at this great little coffee house for breakfast.

The business was for sale, so hopefully the owners keep it at the same caliber. The blue cornbread pancakes were out of this world and Sean was thrilled by the quality of the crema on his espresso.

Granola with fresh organic blueberries and soy milk. Tasty!

More weird rocks in the desert

A natural arch

We stayed at the KOA which had a nice view.

Our neighbor was a woman on a street bike who had just decided to ride off and leave her husband. All she took was the bike and a tent. I wished her well.

We got up early to go to Arches. There were a couple KLRs in the parking lot of the Visitor Center and we chatted up their owners inside.

The road in was a bit twisty!

It was really hot but the park was fascinating and I took a million pictures and we did a bunch of the shorter hikes.

It was extremely hot though and since we were riding very slowly, we stripped off some of our gear.

This place is like being on another planet.

There was a little bit of dirt road to explore too. I wish we had planned more time in the Moab area, I really wanted to ride slickrock.

Met another Adventure Rider!

And saw another adventure bike!

We had a great time running around the park all day, but we were hungry and parched and so hit the local brewery for a few pints.

I ordered the beer cheese soup and it was amazing.

We saw a commercial for skydiving, drunkenly decided that was a great idea and scheduled a jump the next morning on our way out.

We put on some pretty rad outfits.

The guy who jumped with us was sort of insane, but the pilot was cute.

Away we go!

Cheesy skydive video!

Almost to Chickfest!

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  1. I’m so glad you’re not dead, crazy 😛

    The desert is beautiful 🙂 Sometimes I miss it

    Oooo I bet no one here knows about blue corn!

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