Chickfest! (Pt 1)

So after skydiving we made a push for Colorado. It began to sprinkle so we pulled in at a gas station to don our rain gear and met up with these guys doing the Trans America Trail.

I think they were tempted to change their route and follow us when they found out we were going to a gig called Chickfest.

Doing cartwheels by the canyon

Pretty sure this was part of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
We had heard about a dirt route called Cinnamon Pass and decided to explore it on our way through.

The beginning part of the trail was fantastic, but as it climbed higher, it got much worse. I still think we could have done it with unloaded bikes (or if we were better riders) but it began to storm and so we turned back and retired to the KOA and soaked around in the jacuzzi before calling it a night.

Sean fell over on this steep loose turn. It took me about five minutes to find a place to park without falling over too. This was where we turned around. I’m also fairly certain we took a wrong turn and this was Corckscrew Gulch, not Cinnamon.

View from the top

We went big and got a Kabin!

The next day we pushed for chickfest and after winding down a series of dirt roads, we finally reached camp!

This is my kind of meetup!

We just bummed around for the first evening, but I spent the next day doing drills and riding and then rode again Sunday.
More pics to come, but I was too busy riding to take a whole lot…so I may hunt down some pictures from other people in attendance…

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