7 thoughts on “We Have a Kickstarter!

  1. Are y’all hooked up with The Muskoka Foundation yet? If not you really should be, I think you would love it! (It does not cost anything but time to volunteer to help people out!). Anyhow, check out their page if y’all do not know about them, you are a perfect fit.


  2. Ha thanks! I’ve actually started the application process with them. I haven’t finished because we’ve been wrapped up in kickstarter and editing and I need an updated resume and other stuff to finish applying. Their photo program looks like SO MUCH FUN, but I am a little concerned for the logistics of how to carry the cameras and supplies when we already have so little space. They are an incredible non-profit in any case and if I don’t get to work with them on this trip, hopefully I can do something in the future. 🙂

  3. Super excited to have just found your page! I think we may have crossed paths in Central America this last summer. I was riding up from Ushuaia to my home in Seattle, and would have LOVED to meet other girl riders!

  4. Are you back in Seattle? We’re back in California! Maybe we’ll bump into you someday soon, we may be up that way in the fall. 🙂

  5. I’m living in Australia now, but I’ll be in Seattle in September. I’ll be presenting at the Horizons Unlimited event in Yosemite this September, and I’d love to meet you both while I’m down there!

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