Monument Valley


Monument Valley is a very cool place…and even better it had several other motorcycle adventurers at the campsite!

A couple of them even invited us over for some dehydrated cheesecake from a bag, which was surprisingly tasty.

This amazing rock formation was a very short hike from our campsite.

We ventured out the next morning and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out there was a massive dirt loop that takes you around all the crazy rock formations.

I was excited to finally make true use of my knobbies, but Sean wasn’t having fun on the KLR once we hit a large patch of loose sand and wanted to turn back. I said I’d met him back at the vistor center after I finished the loop, but he didn’t want to wait that long, so we compromised and I just ventured out a little further by myself before heading back with him.

Our motorcycle friends were already there hanging out.

We hung out with them, said our goodbyes and headed off, making a quick stop to check out the Mexican Hat rock formation.

Next stop,Moab!

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