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12 thoughts on “Friends

  1. hey becky! found your website while searching some info for the dual sport desert days this weekend. i am a pretty new rider…just curious if you remember there being a few women at this event? would love to ride with some other ladys! my husband will be doing some more technical stuff with the guys so i will probably be on my own…which is cool but would really like to connect w/some other women riders you know …if possible. your website is great! thanks for any info you might have.


  2. Greetings!

    I had the pleasure and inspiration of meeting you and your friend at the scenic view area on the Incline Village side of Mt. Rose Hwy last Saturday (07 Sep 13). Just wanted to make contact, and relate my enjoyment of your current postings re your ‘top to bottom’ bike ride.

    Your narrations are totally involving, very entertaining, and quite professional in delivery. A real pleasure.

    Looking forward to keeping up with your progressive postings. Fantasize a little “by proxy” adventure via your site.

    Do be safe young Lady. Keep yer seat on the seat…..

    With Anticipation and Support,

    Ken Marsh
    (B.H.O.F. on Silver Harley)

  3. Andrea, Becky and Ashlee, you are the straight-up sheezy! Doin it! May the road rise to meet you! Wish we coulda met up in Guatemala. I’ll be holdin’ it down in S.D. Look forward to your safe return and doing some Baja riding! Live to ride, ride to live and all that…
    All my best, P Ramz

  4. Thanks so much! Have a blast next year! These places are incredible but changing rapidly, so the sooner you can swing it the better.

  5. Hey from oz just smashed all your videos loved them all keep em coming, great info during the planning stage for my trip up and then down the same roads as you.

  6. Hi Andrea and Becky, I have a post card you sent me via our mutual friend Ash. I meet him this summer here in Boulder Colorado. He talked so much about you two and got his own two wheels because of you both. I just finished watching a handful of your videos, wow, brings back so many memories of just touring around the USA for many years. You two are beyond awesome!! A total inspiration for women (and guys) everywhere to live your dreams! Thanks again for taking the time to send a card….I need to get back out there myself. Hello to Ash if he crosses your path again. Thanks for doing what your doing….Robyn

  7. I have been watching your videos from the start and I wish I be could brave enough to go through all those countries. I think you are late with the next video I hope it is because you can’t get a good connection and not because you found trouble. I have about 300,000 miles on gold wings and am thinking about a dirt bike for the dirt roads. I did about 700 miles of dirt in Alaska with the wing and I think a dirt bike would be more fun. Please get us more videos coming.
    Good luck and have fun

  8. hey Andrea, got to meet you at the Overland Expo today. That was so cool. I have Been following yours and Becky’s adventures on YouTube. I missed meeting Becky since she was riding around in a ural. Any way good luck and I can’t wait to see more updates on your vlog. Nice talking to you

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