Boogie Time!

We decided we’d done enough lounging around and we should get out and ride some dirt. Roger agreed to lead us out on some trails in the “Boogie” (as it became nicknamed because Mexicans pronounce the ‘U’ in ‘Buggy’ as ‘oooh’ not ‘uh’). It was ridiculously hot out for such shenanigans, but I couldn’t bring myself to ride without full armor, so we compromised by wearing swimsuits with our gear. I had a nice sundress cover up and I think we got even more looks than usual.

Feel the breeze

Riding dirt in a skirt

Eat my dust

The road dead ended at this tree where there was rumored to be a hiking trail to a waterfall and swimming hole. We parked the vehicles and went off on foot in search of this fabled place.

This eerie landscape looks a bit dry…

Really dry.

We may as well be hunting for unicorns.

The bikes waited patiently for us to return

Let’s boogie!

We know where to find some water…back to the beach! There’s a little town called La Manga up some dirt roads, but first a stop off at some set ruins from the film Catch 22.

I think they are meant to look Greek, but Alan seems to have it confused with Egypt.

We arrive at La Manga and have lunch at this 5 star restaurant

Shrimp tostada

My favorite picture of Roger (carnivore) and Christine (vegetarian)

Quiet little beach at La Manga

We’re all so full we siesta for a bit, lounging on bikes and buggies as locals go about their business. Alan sets out exploring the dirt road around the town and I eventually go out looking for him.

Seems he found some deep sand!

His super moto tires aren’t very good in the sand so I offer to let him ride the Zeb. He zooms off and dumps it down the beach. In his defense, the dirt was -really- deep and powdery.

He was initially stuck under the bike. I jumped in the back of the buggy to come rescue him…but the buggy just sunk into the sand! Alan got out from under and picked it up before I could get a picture.

A local came to help us dig the buggy out.

We gave him a beer as thanks.

Here’s a really lame video clip of my paddling the Zeb back to solid ground.

The sun is starting to go down, so we head back home.

I received a message from a couchsurfer up in Hermosillo to come stay with him, so we opt to head up there in the morning.

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