Nice Rack!

I had been oggling a fancy luggage system someone was selling nearby.  A Denali rack with Cortech duffel and saddlebags to be exact!  I wanted it, but it was a little out of my budget, so I held off.  By some stroke of luck/destiny/insane generosity, a nice man named Richard bought the bike they were on, didn’t need the luggage set and gave them to me.  I never ceased to be amazed by the kindness of strangers.

Aaron was kind enough to go get them from Benson for me since I was down with a cold.  The rack required a different subframe, so I ordered one up and he helped me install it when it came in.  It took a day and half to get it all converted, but damn if it doesn’t look great!

I’m so giddy about taking a big trip, this luggage will hold everything I need for anywhere I want to go…

…now the only question is where to?!

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