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34 thoughts on “Support

  1. Greetings!

    I had the pleasure and inspiration of meeting you and your friend at the scenic view area on the Incline Village side of Mt. Rose Hwy last Saturday (07 Sep 13). Just wanted to make contact, and relate my enjoyment of your current postings re your ‘top to bottom’ bike ride.

    Your narrations are totally involving, very entertaining, and quite professional in delivery. A real pleasure.

    Looking forward to keeping up with your progressive postings. Fantasize a little “by proxy” adventure via your site.

    Do be safe young Lady. Keep yer seat on the seat…..

    With Anticipation and Support,

    Ken Marsh
    (B.H.O.F. on Silver Harley Davidson Dyna Glide)

    P.S. Tried leaving a comment on another ‘channel’, but the captcha verification was not accepting any version of the presented text. Hope this will get to you…..

    Too, after I get some funds in my Pay Pal account, I’ll get some ‘support’ out to ya’.

    Again: be careful……….

  2. Thanks Ken for the kind words. Sorry for the Captcha troubles, it is actually working, but it tells people it isn’t and then I get a pile of messages in a row. Oh technology! I’ll see if I can fix it!

  3. Thanks for al
    The great videos! Im really enjoying seeing the places and the people you run into. Your commentary is great!
    Be safe I donated a couple of buck for you both so have a beer or two on me
    Have fun

  4. Keep the great video logs coming, and thanks for sharing your adventure. No need to send a postcard, just have a beer or two on us.

  5. I can’t afford much, but you help me more then you know. You always have a couch to sleep on if you ever want to visit Chicago

  6. Thank you so much for giving what you can and for taking the time to comment. 🙂 Knowing our videos are making people happy means a lot to us!

  7. Very inspiring 🙂 hope to meet you both on the road at some point during my travels!

  8. Hey girls,
    I totally love your ride report. Thank you so much for sharing, and the way you guys do your report is absolutely fun.



  9. Got the bug for motorcycling travel a couple years back. US trip this summer, the Alps and Italy next year, followed by Alaska in 2016. I’ve been looking for ideas, thoughts, comments for AK through youtube which is how I came across you. I wish I had your balls when I was younger.

    I was hoping to purchase a couple of Motoventuring stickers but don’t see them listed in the store. Left a small donation through Paypal just the same.

    Good Luck, Stay Safe, finallly update a little more I really need the motovation at work somedays.

  10. Have fun ladies! Ride safe and always drink a beer at every destination as you’ve earned it.

  11. Instead of working on my bike this weekend I’ve been hooked on your videos (it snowed today anyways). Your videos and commentary are fresh and entertaining and I wish you a safe and fun journey.

  12. I’ve been loving every minute of your videos and look forward to seeing to seeing more, so I figured a donation was in order to show my appreciation. You two are amazing!

  13. You ladies are a riot. I’ll throw the price of a movie ticket. Your trip is far more entertaining than anything Hollywood has put out lately. I did Colorado to Alaska last summer on an 1150GS and also stayed at Thompson’s Eagles Claw motorcycle camp in Tok. (The ambulance was taken). Great place and Vanessa (owner) is a sweetheart. I applaud your spirit. You are fanning the flames for my own trip to Argentina.
    The video concept is pure gold; mainly because you are very articulate with a sense of humor and constant smile. Have you kicked around the idea of writing a book when this is over?

  14. Yeah Jim, we’ve put a lot of though into a possible book. So much has happened that is hard to articulate with video. There are a lot more stories to tell! We’re probably going to do a kickstarter soon and I think one of the prizes will be a copy of the book once it’s done!

  15. Found your posts a month of so about your trip up the
    Dalton. I’ve been following you and enjoying your posts every since.
    Keep riding and stay safe. Motorcycles forever.

  16. Becky,
    It looks like you are still having a good time. We wish we could be sharing your adventure but thanks for all the vicarious enjoyment!
    Jen and Mike

  17. I recently discovered your blog, and I love it. I am old enough to be your dad, but I wish me and my friends were on this trip with you. I am glade you went with smaller every day bikes instead of a big BMW or KLM. Your mechanical skills are great and your presentation style is perfect, keep having fun. I will send money. ( or parts and stuff if needed.)
    Ron from Phoenix

  18. Have filled up the gas tank for you:-)
    Have great pleasure in watching the great videos.
    87 days until I land in Anchor saws, to start on my trip.

    But I’ll only use eight months on the same trip as you spend over a year.

  19. Really enjoying your videos. I am prepping my DRZ for some travel but focused on land speed racing at the moment. Thought you might be able to use a little fuel and beer funding. Be safe and have fun. Milt

  20. Hope you guys are Ok out there……… the youtube videos … keep em coming + ride reports would be cool too — Thnx Mike

  21. Hope you two are doing ok. It has been a while since the last update. Expect you are headed back North by now.

  22. I stumbled onto your videos on Youtube. They were great until 2016 – and then stop abruptly in mid-trip! Did you finish the trip? Is there an update?

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