Motorcycle Dreams

I seem to be dreaming of motorcycling more and more, so I thought I would share a few of the most memorable ones.

The first one I was riding vintage BMWs with a couple of my friends through the most gorgeous forest. The ground was piled with fall leaves and shimmery gold and orange leaves fell everywhere as we rode around. I got off my bike and layed down between two fallen logs. My friends were jumping their bikes over and showering leaves everywhere. It was peaceful and magical.

The second one was after a ride that left me bruised and my KLR needing some plastics replaced. I dreamed ADV riders took me out on a ride. They swore it was easy enough for me and I followed them. They rode out to a tower in the desert. It spiraled upward and was formed of old rotted boards and trash wired together. I followed up and we made it to the top despite chunks of the tower creaking and breaking off the whole time. On the way down, a plank I was riding on broke free and I fell several stories but somehow landed rubber side down and rode off away from the tower. We went to some weird village where it flooded and we had a party. My bike started to wash away but I saved it.

I also had one of those dreams where you wake up over and over but are still dreaming. Each time I would go to the living room and there would be one or more people and their motorcycles in my living room. They weren’t people I know, just randomly generated travelers and we would talk about motorcycles and traveling, I would excuse myself to bed, then wake up to a parallel version of the same scene. The last one before I actually woke up in real life, I woke up in the dream to a knock at the door and opened it to find my best friend who moved to Germany last year. She rode this glorious teal blue (her favorite color) side car rig into my living room and we hugged. 🙂

The night before last I dreamed I was riding through a mud bog.  The tire was spinning, but the bike wouldn’t move, I got off to see what the problem was and somehow all the knobs had stripped off the tire and the tire had fallen off the rim.  I woke up thinking “I need a toolkit on my bike”.

Last night I dreamed I went to Egypt and stayed in a fancy hotel that let the guests ride dirt bikes inside.  I had an awesome time on the grand staircases!

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