We Both Go Down Together

At last the title had arrived! I handed over the rest of the money and took keys in hand. My confidence renewed after the practice sessions on the TW200, I got on my new bike and rode it home on side streets with a friend following behind. 

Sean acquired a KLR of his own and our garage reaches new levels of awesome.

I got a gig house sitting for some people up in the foothills and we decided the ride up there would be some nice practice for us. Not too far, but with some nice turns. He led the way and we headed up the mountain. The last part before their house presents the only real challenge. The rode dips left and downward before curving right into a steep ascent finalized with a tight u-turn to reach their driveway. I’m keeping my distance, but as I approach the u-turn I see Sean had tried to turn too sharply and dumped in the middle (it slopes upward mid u-turn). I knew I should have continued through the u-turn and stopped on a straigh flat place to dismount and help, but I couldn’t just leave him laying there! I tried to stop mid-turn mid-slope and –you guessed it- I dump right over next to him. What a sight! We help each other wrestle our bikes up. He broke his radiator fan, I broke my clutch lever and we both felt a little discouraged. I decided to order lowering links.

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