Dive Report

I should really give everyone a proper introduction.

That’s me on the left, my scuba buddy Jason in the middle and his lovely wife Aleksandra on the right. He seems pretty excited. Those two just got married the week before our trip. Sorry I didn’t mention her in the intro, the poor thing gets horribly car sick so she was just groaning in the passenger seat while we were running circles trying to get everything in order. She’s from Poland and still working on her English, but she made me smile when we arrived and she said “Becky, you are like Dakar racer!” then we had to explain what the Paris-Dakar rally was to everybody else.

This is their massive tent we nicknamed the Victorian Mansion.

I set up camp far away to give them some honeymoon privacy, but wandered back often because they kept offering to feed me. I was extremely grateful because my food supply consisted entirely of tuna packets, power bars and dried fruit/nut mix due to my lack of refrigeration. They had steak, bacon, eggs and fresh fruit.

Please excuse the lack of riding in this post, but diving is pretty rad too and the bike sat parked for the weekend while we dove our brains out. Night diving, deep diving, navigation, sea life identification…

—-brief thread derail while I geek out on dive stuff—

Sea Star

Spotted Sea Snake



Bradley Seastar


I don’t know what this one is…

This corridor is stingray alley:

We attempted to swim through all the way, but the tide was too low, the waves too strong and the walls lined with urchins.

By the end of the weekend I officially became Advanced Open Water Certified!

T’was a wonderful weekend!

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