2 thoughts on “Nude Beaches, Beer, Snorkeling and SAND!

  1. Lovin’ the updates guys. I’m taking notes, following along on Google Earth and getting ready to head that way as soon as the days get a little longer. Becky, I placed a huge Amazon order thru your link so I hope you got credit. I noticed the AdSense on too. šŸ˜‰

  2. Awesome! Hopefully we’ll bump into each other at some point! If you didn’t see it already, I made us a Facebook page with updates on what we’re up to between videos: http://www.facebook/motoventuring . The page will probably be a better resource on where we are when you get down this way since our videos are perpetually behind. We got a nice kickback from Amazon for your items, thank you so much for buying through our links!

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