2 thoughts on “En Español! (With English Subtitles)

  1. Becky and Andrea I admire what your doing its incredable I have been in the Coast Guard 21 years and have been allover the world with them. Ive been riding motorcycles since I was 5 years old and have had a DRZ 400 among many bikes I currently have a KTM 525 I retire next year and have been planning some adventures like yours.
    My question to you two is how much money did you have to save for a trip like this or do you have some kind of continuing income to keep going.
    Just your crossing from Panama to Cartigena seems vary expensive.
    anyway take care good luck and safe travels Greg

  2. That crossing was by far the most expensive thing we’ve done, usually we eat off roadside stands or cook pasta on our little stove. We camp out or stay at the $5-$10 hotel. Gas is our biggest expense. For the 2 of us, we run about $1000-$1500 a month in expenses, but you can easily spend that for one person if you like eating out or dislike camping. You can easily spend exponentially more if you only stay at tourist hotels. We saved a while before leaving, hoping to have 10k each, but Andrea couldn’t quite make it. I had a bit extra from an accident settlement. We get a bit from donations on our blog and just ran a successful kickstarter to restock our bank account and drive us to finish a final cut documentary about what we experienced. 🙂 Retirement is good for travel because you have a bit of money to go with and no timeline to return. My only advice to you is: LEARN SPANISH! (or maybe you already speak it?) Andrea’s Spanish skills helped us connect with locals so much more easily and has made for a much richer trip. Now mine’s finally getting decent too! 😀

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